Tiny Revolutions of Connection

We have always said that Fun Palaces are about the tiniest of connections, person to person – and that the process of creating a Fun Palace is easily as important as what happens on the weekend. As we say in our Manifesto:

We believe we can do this together, locally, with radical fun – and that anyone, anywhere, can make a Fun Palace.

Now it’s time to give it a try …

We are sharing practical suggestions, tiny steps anyone can take to connect a little more in their local community or simply pass time creatively in self-isolation. These steps are both online and OFFline – while a great deal of connection is moving online right now, this is not available to everyone and we want Fun Palaces, as ever, to be for anyone who wants to connect.

Try out these ideas (all of which are great for a Fun Palace) and send us your suggestions (email Stella) – we can share these as blogs, videos or audio. Keep it brief, 300 written words or 2-3 mins maximum of recorded material, that way we’ll have space to share even more.

We have made a number of Tiny Revolutions into PDFs so you can download and print to share with people offline. Or we can print & post them to you if you’d like to share in your community with vulnerable or isolated people. Let us know.

The Tiny Revolutions below are activities to do at any time – in isolation, lockdown and when we’re safe to connect in person again, maybe at a Tiny Fun Palace in October?

#TinyRevolutions – #SoundsoftheForest

#TinyRevolutions – The White Fox

#TinyRevolutions – #SharingJoy

#TinyRevolutions – Post Quarantine

#TinyRevolutions – #WalkingBetter

#TinyRevolutions – Make a Shrine

#TinyRevolutions – #LowSpoonMeals

#TinyRevolutions – Dress How You feel

#TinyRevolutions – Tree of Life

#TinyRevolutions – Rewilding

#TinyRevolutions – The Fairy Doors of Leith

#TinyRevolutions – Little Box of Friendship

#TinyRevolutions – kitchen creatures

#TinyRevolutions – tadpole update!

#TinyRevolutions – drama challenges

TinyRevolutions – MaskerAid

#TinyRevolutions – paddling & growing, together

#TinyRevolutions – frozen flowers

#TinyRevolutions – help make #CoronaQuilt

TinyRevolutions – yodel for community!

#TinyRevolutions – connecting locally through gardening

#TinyRevolutions – physical postcards from Cornwall

#TinyRevolutions – collecting frogspawn, nature connections

#TinyRevolutions – make a nature rainbow

#TinyRevolutions – zine making to share with others

#TinyRevolutions – pompom connections

#TinyRevolutions – bunting from recycled paper

#TinyRevolutions – listening differently

#TinyRevolutions – seed papers

#TinyRevolutions – find the heartbeat of trees

#TinyRevolutions – a poem from Northern Ireland

#TinyRevolutions – Front of House

#TinyRevolutions – #2metremasterpiece

#TinyRevolutions – creating sonic connections

#TinyRevolutions – vegetable connections!

#TinyRevolutions – craft connecting

#TinyRevolutions – bear windows from NZ

#TinyRevolutions – family trees

#TinyRevolutions – connecting with nature

#TinyRevolutions – saying thank you

#TinyRevolutions – games and creativity local & at a distance

#TinyRevolutions – Welsh lessons from Bethan in North Wales

#TinyRevolutions – ways to connect OFFline as well as on

#TinyRevolutions – make your own table tennis game

TinyRevolutions – Jack and a coat hanger.

#TinyRevolutions – learn Scots Gaelic

#TinyRevolutions – create a community quilt

#TinyRevolutions – learn to count from 1-20 in Irish

@TinyRevolutions – local creative connections

#TinyRevolutions – share a poem – or ten

#TinyRevolutions – remembering an anxious neighbour

TinyRevolutions – doorstep or balcony connections

#TinyRevolutions – message in a bottle

#TinyRevolutions – socially distant bookstall

tiny revolutions of connection