#TinyRevolutions – Little Box of Friendship

Here’s a Tiny Revolution in progress from Footprints Theatre Company. This is what they say about their idea – and see below for how to create your own Little Box of Friendship.

Sending virtual hugs to strangers

Footprints is currently exploring the loneliness that people can feel when they are isolated, whether that is because they are disabled, elderly, suffering with mental health issues or have been in lockdown. We would like to help people feel confident to talk about their experiences by presenting them with an opportunity to voice how they feel through ‘The Little Box of Friendship’.

‘The Little Box of Friendship’ is a small hand-made box, colourfully decorated. This box will contain a ‘Love Heart’ sweet,  messages of encouragement, photos of the natural world and a letter from Footprints explaining the project and inviting people to respond back to us.

The Little Box of Friendship will be delivered personally to people’s doorsteps with details inside of how people can share their thoughts and feelings with us. Our aim is to re-connect people that receive these boxes and help them to feel supported and listened to.

We are currently trialing the project in:

  1.  An estate in Wandsworth, London with 4 large blocks of flats (200 flats in total). Initially the ‘Little Box of Friendship will go out to 20 flats in one block of 50.
  2. The St John’s area in Colchester has a large population of elderly living in their own homes. We will create a further 10 boxes in order to get some feedback on the project.
“We are currently developing ‘Little Box of Friendship’ I sent my first one out this morning to an elderly lady who has been isolated since lockdown and not able to see anyone other than her carer. She really loved it!”

We are also looking into sending out pre-decorated flat packs to people so that they can give them to a person of their own choosing, and creating ‘Little Boxes of Love’ as a personalized gift for people.

Here’s the template so you can create a Little Box of Friendship yourself and share with a friend or neighbour who might need it. Let us know how it goes or contact Footprints on Facebook here.

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here