Ideas and information to help you make your Fun Palace, including advice for funding and publicity.

It’s important to us that everyone joining in at a Fun Palace knows they are part of a wider campaign of community-led culture, please check the Style Guidelines and Posters and Logos in particular, so the people enjoying your Fun Palace know they are part of something very local AND much bigger.

Planning your Fun Palace

For Libraries

  • LIBRARIES visit this page for specific Fun Palaces in libraries resources.

Marketing and Press

Other Resources

  • SUSTAINABILITY TOOLKIT– This contains tips and ideas for making your Fun Palace as climate friendly as possible, as well as a handy sustainability checklist for you to use while making your Fun Palace.
  • 16-18s TOOLKIT – If you’re aged 16-18 and want to make a Fun Palace, we’ve put everything you might need to know in this toolkit.
  • YOUNG PEOPLE AND FUN PALACES – Lots of people want to engage children and young people in their Fun Palaces. This document is packed with ideas and tips on how to handover to them to take charge of their Fun Palace and have a say in what culture counts as for them.

Health & Safety

  • HOW TO COMPLETE A RISK ASSESSMENT Advice to make sure you’ve thought of everything that might pose a risk at your Fun Palace. (PDF)
  • RISK ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE An example of a filled-out risk assessment form. (.doc)
  • PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: if your Fun Palace is in a public building check with the building, most will have PLI for a one-off event. If not, your usual insurance provider will be able to help you. Make sure to ask for just the time limit of your Fun Palace – eg one or two days. Creative Lives have a great briefing document on insurance here.
  • MEDIA RELEASE CONSENT FORM if you’re filming yourself or others at your Fun Palace for our annual film or mini Maker soundbite films. (PDF)
  • COVID-19 GUIDELINES Advice about reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 at your Fun Palace and making those taking extra care feel comfortable.


FUNDING YOUR FUN PALACE How to fund your Fun Palace (or make it with no extra funding like 82% of 2018 Fun Palaces Makers!) – we’ve got ideas from borrowing from your neighbours to applying for official funding. (PDF)