Digital Fun Palaces Resources

Online Video Tools

There are various video tools you can use to set up online events that allow you to communicate with your fellow Fun Palace Makers and participants.

All you need to get started is a computer or smartphone with a camera and microphone – both are usually built in to the computer or phone. 

Below are a handful of recommended options to use when running your Digital Fun Palace with online video:

  • Facebook Live – Allows publication of video direct to your Facebook page
  • Instagram Live – Easy to use and quick to publish video to your Instagram account
  • Periscope – Quick and easy to setup live streaming
  • YouTube Live – Use the popular YouTube platform for live video and chat
  • Whereby – Quick and easy small video chat rooms
  • Zoom (Free Plan) – Popular and powerful chat and online event system

Collaboration Tools

Getting together with people online does not have to mean video or even audio chat. You can use any of the following tools to setup shared spaces / documents that you can collaborate on together and start generating Fun Palace ideas and content, or even to use to run a live workshops as your Fun Palace:

  • Google Drive/Docs – Share and create documents, drawings, presentations, etc
  • Dropbox Paper – Create easy to manage online documents anyone can jump into and edit
  • Notion – Lots of features for sharing information and creating your own online shared space
  • Office 365 – Similar to Google Drive/Docs and compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel (Free version for Schools and Students)
  • Miro – Fun online whiteboards and shared documents
  • Slack – The popular online workspace / chat system

Online Gaming

If you are more of a gamer you might want to try an online gaming service that you can access via a console with an internet connection.

Here are some options: