Fun Palaces Climate Pledge

Fun Palaces Our Promise:

As an organisation we commit to minimise our impact on the Climate Crisis both on the Fun Palaces Weekend Of Celebration and during the rest of the year. 

We commit to empower ourselves, Ambassadors and Fun Palaces Makers with knowledge that will enable us to make informed decisions with regard to the natural environment. 

It is not enough to promise to reduce harm to the climate and environment. Fun Palaces sees its potential to proactively improve the natural environment through: 

  • a reduction in carbon emissions
  • Maximising on the opportunity to engage with our partners and other organisations
  • The sharing of ideas and best practice

The promises detailed in this document form a starting point for an ongoing process of evaluation and renewal.

Climate Impact of Fun Palaces

Here is the 2023 Climate Impact report for Fun Palaces that we commissioned from The Lines `Between.