Getting Started

Getting started on making your Fun Palace

Here you can access information to help you get started with your Fun Palace

Ideas for Getting Started

How some people have made their Fun Palaces plus top tips from Fun Palaces core team.

Finding a Venue

A Fun Palace can happen anywhere. Ideas if you already have a space and ideas if you don’t.

Young People and Fun Palaces

Lots of people want to engage children and young people in their Fun Palaces. This document is packed with ideas and tips on how to handover to them to take charge of their Fun Palace and have a say in what culture counts as for them.

Making Fun Palaces for 16-18s

If you’re aged 16-18 and want to make a Fun Palace, we’ve put everything you might need to know in this toolkit.

Arts Award

If you want to work with more young people locally – or you are young people wanting to connect with a local arts organisation or building, Arts Award could be a good way to work together.