Libraries are a brilliant place for Fun Palaces to happen. In 2021 50% of Fun Palaces took place in libraries up and down the UK.

This section is packed with libraries specific resources and should have everything you need to know about hosting a Fun Palace in your library and how to hand over to your community.

Libraries How-to Guide

This brochure is a ‘How-to’ guide on making a Fun Palace in your library. You can download a digital copy below, or email us to request a hard copy.

Turn your library into a Fun Palace!

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Libraries Podcast

In this podcast, we meet librarian Zoe Dixon who will tell you all about why Fun Palaces are so perfect suited to libraries. Listen now.

Fun Palaces in Libraries Video

This 14 minute video is designed to be shared with library staff and / or people wanting to make Fun Palaces in Libraries. It tells you a little bit about Fun Palaces, what libraries have done in the past and features advice and tips from four Makers who all have experience of making Fun Palaces in Libraries. It’s a great partner piece to the PDF (above).

Fun Palaces in Libraries (with subtitles)

Libraries Maker Stories

All of the Maker Stories on the website capture how Makers across the UK and beyond made their Fun Palaces happen. Here is a collection of Maker Stories from libraries – which might inspire you while you’re making yours!

“Generous, radical creativity in action …”

Handing Over Our Library Space to the Community

Dipping our toes into Fun Palaces

Lambeth Libraries Fun Palaces in all 10 libraries (and an archive)