Posters, Logos, Banners

Posters, Logos and Banners

On this page, you will find logos, posters and flyers to help you make and advertise your Fun Palace. Where possible, we have provided you with designs in both black and white, and colour, which can be printed on standard domestic printers, as well as options for professional printing. Also, where possible, we’ve provided templates which can be edited using your computer, or simply printed and designed afterwards.

We appreciate there are several versions. If you need any help or advice, please contact us on

If you require free posters, flyers and banners from Fun Palaces HQ, please email Kirsty.

General Fun Palaces Resources

Banner logo

The Fun Palace banner logo is provided in English and Welsh in hi-resolution PNG formats.


The Fun Palace illustration, designed by Emily Medley, is provided as a high and medium-resolution JPEG, and a high-resolution transparent illustration Adobe PhotoShop file.

These are the logos from our main supporters

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For Fun Palaces Weekend – Happening Here Poster

So that your Fun Palace participants know where to find you, and to demonstrate your Fun Palace is part of a bigger campaign for culture at the heart of community, we’ve created these posters, which can be displayed at your Fun Palace.

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Every year thousands of people make Fun Palaces for their own local community – sharing skills, meeting new people, creating connections.