#TinyRevolutions – bear windows

TinyRevolutions – bear windows

Lots of children (and maybe some adults?) in the UK are putting up rainbows in their windows and some are adding bears – to say they are safe, to link with others, to make a local connection.

We’ve had Fun Palaces in New Zealand ever since our first year and our friends there are reporting that bears are the big #TinyRevolution.

Here’s a gallery of images that Fun Palaces’ friend Debby Mullholland collected in Palmerston North, NZ. (We note that one of them looks quite a lot like our very own Fun Palaces monkey …)

We welcome your images of #TinyRevolutions too, wherever you are. Email our co-director Stella along with a few lines about where and what you saw or tried, ways of connecting OFFline as well as online, different ways to reach out in these very unusual days.