#CreativeRiots: Stained Glass Solidarity

A lot of people are striking at the moment. Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe you know and love one of those people. Or maybe you don’t but you want to show your support anyway. Whether you’re striking yourself and want to get your message across, or want to show solidarity with others striking, this is a powerful, visual way to show your support. (And of course- it works for supporting things other than strikes too!)

You will need: 

One sheet of A3 or A4 paper or card (any colour)

Tissue Paper (either coloured craft tissue paper, or the white kind you often get sent as packaging. I used cellophane for mine, but tissue will work in the same way).

Glue or tape


Step 1: Cut a frame out of one piece of card / paper

The Frame

Step 2: Fill the frame with tissue paper by taping or gluing it to the edges 

Step 3: Using the remaining card or paper cut letters and shapes out of it and stick them to the tissue paper or cellophane with glue (you could use sellotape too). This should create your silhouette when you stick it in the window.

A picture of Amie's solidarity stained glass wondow from the back. Purple and red cellophane sits inside a black frame. The word solidarity has been cut out and stuck in, along with some hearts.
Here’s how it looks from the back

Step 4: Stick it in a window with blue tack or masking tape – my one here is facing inwards, but I recommend flipping them, so when you turn the lights on at night it’s visible from the street / balcony of your home.

Feel free to tweet @funpalaces in your solidarity pictures, so we can share them to inspire others and amplify your message or send us your own solidarity Creative Riot to share with others if you’ve done something different to show support. 

To share your own #CreativeRiots ideas contact email: amie@funpalaces.co.uk or call 0208 692 4446, ext 203. www.funpalaces.co.uk