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A woman demonstrates a test tube of seeds to another woman across an exhibition table.

Creative Voices, Activist Voices

In 2023, the Centre for Cultural Value awarded Fun Palaces a grant from the Collaborate Fund to explore the radical potential that cultural participation might unlock wider civic activism. We want to know if finding…

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Amie Taylor dressed in a blue forensic suit at Brockwell Lido Fun Palace in 2016

The new Director of Fun Palaces

Join us in welcoming Amie Taylor as the new Director of Fun Palaces! In this blog, she describes her journey from volunteer to leader. Amie reveals her passion for grassroots activism and her vision for…

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The Second Decade: Changes at Fun Palaces

It’s all change at Fun Palaces as we move into our next 10 years, and we announce that Co-Directors Kirsty Lothian and Makala Cheung are leaving Fun Palaces. Kirsty and Makala took on their Co-directorship…

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#CreativeRiots: Tiny Protest

At their Fun Palace this year, Eden Court in Inverness created a mini protest, in which people could make their own tiny placards and put them on display.  The Fun Palaces team loved this idea,…

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Fun Palaces Logo

Rotherham Fun Palaces 2023

What’s On Where Library Date and Time Fun Palace Activities Aston Fri 6th Oct10.30am Flower arrangingEnglish Paper piercingSugar craft/cake decoratingWoodturningKnitting Brinsworth Sat 7th Oct 9am-12.30pm Arts and Crafts with local group ‘Crafty Talk’ Central-Riverside Sat…

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Fun Palaces are not: Doing your Job for Free on the weekend

At Fun Palaces there has always been a firm belief ‘Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist,’ however, the Fun Palaces invitation is never one for artists or scientists (or anyone) to do their job for…

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#CreativeRiot: Letters to Tomorrow

This Guest Riot comes from Jaz Vorraso at the The Climate Coalition who host Great Big Green Week. “The climate crisis is affecting our lives already, and it’s only going to get worse for the…

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#CreativeRiots: Stained Glass Solidarity

A lot of people are striking at the moment. Maybe you are one of those people. Maybe you know and love one of those people. Or maybe you don’t but you want to show your…

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#CreativeRiots: Fly the Flag (all year round)

Hello, I’m Amie, one of the Fun Palaces producers. I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about Creative Riots and the ways in which we can show our support to our own and other…

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It’s not just about the Getting but the Giving: Contributive Justice in Arts and Culture

At Fun Palaces we are in the business of making Arts and Culture better, fairer and more fun, and think a lot about how it all works. Mark Banks is an academic working in the…

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#CreativeRiots: Protest Songs

“So when you’re tired of your story – try singing, sing with a group so you can carry your tune together…” Voices are powerful things, especially when they join together in unison, which makes protest…

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Building a Fun Palace; a Place for Awe and Wonder in Communities

Alan Lane is the Artistic Director of Slung Low Theatre company, in Holbeck. If you’re a fan of Fun Palaces you will likely find his book, The Club on the Edge of Town, a hugely…

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