#CreativeRiot: Letters to Tomorrow

This Guest Riot comes from Jaz Vorraso at the The Climate Coalition who host Great Big Green Week.

“The climate crisis is affecting our lives already, and it’s only going to get worse for the next generation unless we take action now to get it under control – because the years will tick away before we know it.

That’s why we’re asking everyone to write to Letters To Tomorrow and host events in their community as part of this year’s Great Big Green Week.

Letters to Tomorrow explain your hopes for future generations if our leaders step up to protect the environment – and your fears about what life could be like if we don’t slow down climate change. Your letter could be to your friend, child or even your future self. Hundreds of people wrote Letters To Tomorrow last year, with their heartfelt and emotive messages demonstrating the deep strength of feeling people have when it comes to protecting the people and places we love from climate change.

The act of coming together, with purpose, and writing letters with one another can be an empowering and motivating moment. Penning a message to a loved one in the future, as an individual, and as a group, can help create strong bonds that make change happen.

This year, to see the power of the Letters to Tomorrow become a central part of Great Big Green Week in our communities, we’re also asking people to host events in their local area. The perfect way to come together with people in your community as part of Great Big Green Week is to organise a Letters to Tomorrow writing event in your local library (if you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can do it in other places like a cafe, village hall, place of worship or public place).

You could host a letter writing workshop, a letter reading session or displaying letters written by members of your community – get creative with your events! You can find more information on how to organise a Letters To Tomorrow event in our guide here

Once you’ve written your letters, whether that’s at an event or in your own time, be sure to add them to the Letters To Tomorrow website! You can write a letter directly onto the site or upload an image of a handwritten letter. Once we’ve published your letter, you can share it far and wide. Put it on your social media channels, and share it with your MP.”

Jaz, Community Organiser for Great Big Green Week, The Climate Coalition 

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