#CreativeRiots: Tiny Protest

At their Fun Palace this year, Eden Court in Inverness created a mini protest, in which people could make their own tiny placards and put them on display.  The Fun Palaces team loved this idea, so recreated another at Locality Convention – posing the question ‘What does your community need?’  To inspire the protest banners.

Creating a tiny protest is something you could do on a window ledge at home, in a community space or public building, in foyers, on a counter in a shop or cafe or on a desk in an office. It’s a great activity and also an excellent conversation starter, and ultimately gives community members the opportunity to voice their needs. 

What you will need:

  • Plasticine or blue tac 
  • A printed backdrop (optional)
  • Some cardboard (you could recycle any old boxes for this)
  • Pens
  • Cocktail sticks, lolly sticks or paper straws
  • Masking tape
  1. Make the placards by taping a cocktail stick to the back of a small cardboard square
  2. Write your message on the placard and secure it to the surface using a blob of plasticine or blue tack. If you have lego or other figures you could use them to hold the placards!  Or if you’re feeling extra creative you could make plasticine people – if not, blobs do the job!
  3. Invite others to join in.

If you do end up creating your own mini-protest, and want your messages to reach a wider audience and inspire others, Fun Palaces would love to share you display across our social media. Email a picture of it to: amie@funpalaces.co.uk or share it on social media and tag in @funpalaces. 

Find out more about Locality Convention here

To share your own #CreativeRiots ideas contact email: amie@funpalaces.co.uk or call 0208 692 4446, ext 203. www.funpalaces.co.uk