#TinyRevolutions – a poem from Northern Ireland

Eddie McClenaghan wrote this Tiny Revolutions poem for us.

Tiny Revolutions

The wind in your whisper
breezes into gale force greatness
when you let it breathe.
A tiny soft-spoken revolution, indeed.

Rage against the quarantine
with a surge of video calls
to keep those distant faces familiar,
a broad band of brothers and sisters.

Take a deep breath
in your sacred safe space.
Hibernate in your gaming chair,
connect with other online players.

Have a festival
of blockbusters
and box sets,
with nice treats in the home heat.

Make the most of messages,
those of faith in written scriptures
or funny filters on well-lit pictures.
No fear in getting your message now and here.

Switch your eyes from the screen
to an old school scene,
gather the family for
a board game thing.

Walk alone
or with those in your home,
on your own road.
Your own patch.

You can work out a workout routine
that works for you
your mind and body
will thank you.

You can write
scribble or type
shopping lists
or a novel if you wish.

You can have a mini table
to play mini pool
with miniature cues
tiny pool balls with loads of backspin.

You can record how many keepy-uppys
or solos you can do
or record your happy puppies
playing fetch with you.

When all is feeling stressful
among the panic and confusion
take a breath and make your plan
for a tiny revolution.

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