#CreativeRiots – Visual Community Blanket

This Creative Riot was created by Remi from Inverness. 

I like to think of a Visual Community Blanket as 100 languages (Malaguzzi, 1996) combined with traditional patchwork quilts. Though 100 languages is based around the idea that children have infinite ways to express themselves, this extends to adults too. 

Patchwork quilts often have a design that is the same or similar that is replicated in one single quilt: the same but different. Like us, we have same or similar ideas about world issues; the same but different.  As the winter approaches us, we are left wondering what the cost of living is going to look like, possibly buying an extra blanket or two, amongst other things and you are certainly not ALONE. Join in with your community and share your thoughts on this matter, one voice at a time we might invite some change.

Below is a list of ideas of how you may want to articulate your views:

·       Write or type out a poem on a piece of paper 

·       Draw a poster using bubble writing,

·       Paint a picture on paper, canvas or alike

·       Sew a message or a picture onto a ‘ fat quarter’ of fabric

·       Knit a message or symbol using a wool

·       Use felt to create a scene, a picture and message 

·       Create an 2D or 3D paper folding object, such as origami (this will then be stuck onto A4 paper, to be displayed)

You may have other creative ideas that could become part of the Visual Community Blanket. Let us know!

The purpose of this idea is to share with others, how you feel, so feel free to keep it simple such as this straightforward drawing: