#TinyRevolutions – doorstep connections

from Sarah Dickenson, writer & dramaturg

Front Doorstep Teas

People who live on streets or have neighbours along a balcony, arrange a front doorstep cuppa on a daily basis at a certain time (eg 3.30pm) to have a chat and see one another face to face. 

Other variations (remember strict handwashing before leaving objects for others!)

Non self-isolating neighbours leave cakes on the doorstep for others to take or a different treat every day.

Daily street poetry/book readings: neighbours on their doorsteps read something they’ve enjoyed that day/ that they love. 

Inspired by Italy, a daily sing-a-long. We make some song sheets and find some karaoke tracks we can play from the windows and have a street sing along. 

A dance off, exercise-off, sing-off. 

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here