TinyRevolutions – #lowspoonmeals

This week our Tiny Revolutions are prompts from Contact Manchester’s A Week’s Notice project.

Here’s Suriya Aisha’s prompt – #lowspoonmeals

Spoon theory is a disability metaphor – daily activities all require a number of ‘spoons’ to complete. When you’re out of energy, you are out of spoons. What are the low effort/low spoon snacks and meals that are helping you get through the day? Share your ‘recipe’ with someone else today.

Suriya Aisha is an artist and a community activist. As a #sickbabe living with an invisible disability, Suriya sometimes relies on #lowspoonmeals that are low effort to make. Her low spoon snack of choice is Dairylea Lunchables on a bed of oranges.

illustration by Rose Sergent (connect at Drawn Poorly)