#TinyRevolutions – The Fairy Doors of Leith

The Edinburgh Tool Library is a sharing resource for craft, garden and DIY equipment.  By sharing, we are all richer.  The library works like a regular book library, but we loan out tools rather than books.  We also have two workshops where we teach, share skills, and make things to support other charitable work in our community.

During lockdown, we haven’t been able to share tools.  So we have been sharing ways to make each other smile instead.  One of our ideas is to make these very simple wooden doors, and tuck them into holes in logs, trees, even holes in the ground, to stimulate the imagination of little ones, and make some big ones smile!

Instructions to make a Fairy Door

1.You will need a regular panel or tenon saw, pencil, and a jigsaw or coping saw.

2. I used scrap wood approximately 10cm in a width and 2cm thick. I drew around a mug to get a decent curve on the top of the door, then used a coping saw to cut the curve. It helps if you can secure the wood to a bench with a clamp. I had built myself a woodworking bench earlier in lockdown so the vice came in very handy.

3. You should be left with a nice curved end to your wood.  Use the 90 angle on the saw (all panel saws like this also work as tri squares) to mark and cut the ‘door’ off.

4. Get a small stick, and cut off thin slivers to be your door handles

5. It should look something like this.

6. Splash a bit of paint on (this is just regular poster paint)

7. Glue your door handles on – mitre fast is great stuff, but if you’re a child you might want to ask an adult to help with that bit.

8. Stick the door in or to a tree or hole in a tree.

We had a great time sneaking about public park stashing them.  Hopefully finding them is as much fun.

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here