#TinyRevolutions – local creative connections

Loads of possibilities for connection on your street or block of flats …

From Bev, Fun Palaces Ambassador Sheffield

Create a discovery trail in local woodland / green space using unwanted toys, i.e. plastic dinosaurs, small world figures, odd creatures; encourage others to add their own…

Use chalk to write friendly and inspirational messages on pavements for neighbours to find. Where space allows ask questions, start a poem, encourage chat and leave a box of chalks to hand …

Neighbourhood Rocks.  Decorate stones and pebbles and hide across the neighbourhood for others to find.  Option to create a FB group (e.g. Heeley Rocks), write on the back ‘Keep or hide for others to find’ with a group link to encourage others to join in.  (This already happens in a fair few areas.)

Organise group singing and music performances outside residential care settings (sticking to safety guidance re physical distancing).

Start a window art trail.

Front yard/carpark giveaways of unwanted stuff – Free to a Good Home or Swap Shop – encourage community trading.  Option for Pay as You Feel pot to donate to local food bank.

Corner Swap – set up a swap table on the street corner.

Make a nature scavenger hunt and share through local networks who have access to a woodland or green space.

Tree dressing – decorate a tree in the local park – encourage others to join in and do the same.

Organise a ‘safe distance’ walk or hike or bike ride or jog.

Set up a Pom Pom Club.  Share instructions and materials, organise a 24-hour pom-pom-athon to make as many as possible and decorate a local landmark or tree or display in front gardens, along balconies.

Organise a collection for the local food bank – post a note through every door with day and time you will collection from front step/garden/yard.

Support community run allotments by inviting others to help keep them going and sharing the produce

Sunflower Competition – share a packet of sunflower seeds with neighbours, providing pots and soil.  Encourage everyone to grow them in front windows before planting out. Summer IS coming …