#ChwyldroadauBychain #TinyRevolutions – learn Welsh!

Hello, I’m Bethan Page, and I’m the Fun Palaces Ambassador for North Wales, working with the National Trust.

We’re trying to make ‘Tiny Revolutions’ of connections between people, and with me being bilingual and based in North Wales, I thought maybe I’d introduce a few Welsh words today around bird names.

I’m in my own garden here, and we’ve got chickens – three little chickens – so a chicken in Welsh is iâr.  And more than one is ieir.

But the wilds birds that we mainly see in our garden are a Blackbird – Mwyalchen – a bit of a difficult one there, some people say Aderyn Du which is ‘Black Bird’ and both are perfectly fine.  The Robin – Robin Goch – goch’ or ‘coch’ is red, so ‘Red Robin’, and then the Blue Tit is Titw Tomos Lâs,  a Crow is Brân, and let me throw another one in just at the end here now, so a Dove is Colomen.

So I’ll leave it at that for today – good luck practicing! 

Bethan, chickens and Tiny Revolutions …