#TinyRevolutions – collecting frogspawn

Here’s a new Tiny Revolution from Alis, our Ambassador in the Highlands based at Eden Court. Alis has been great at reminding us that the cycle of nature continues, even if we’re not able to get outside and be alongside it.

The weather being warm and sunny up here in the Highlands yesterday, mid-April (yes, promise, and here’s the photos to prove it!), my husband, Chris, our 10-year-old, Ossian, and I felt inspired to go out collecting frogspawn for our new garden pond.

Off we went to the burn at the end of our track and Ossian collected 2 containers of the spawn which he enjoyed (although he did a lot of squealing at the squishy slimy texture of the spawn!).

We succeeded in carrying the tub and the jar of spawn along the track to the garden without any of the slithery spawn spilling out.

It was time to introduce the frogspawn to their new environment, our wee garden pond, and hope that they would be happy there, as they continue (we trust!) through their cycle to tadpoles to frogs….

Ossian enjoyed releasing the frogspawn from the containers into our pond. While he was about it, he ‘saved’ two bugs who’d got stuck in the water…

This morning Ossian got his wellies on and ran down to the pond to check if the frogspawn was transforming in any way. He was wondering how long it would take for the transformation into a frogs to take place and so we confirmed this online, by watching a lovely wee video on Youtube:

Maybe you could view this too, especially if you don’t have a garden or pond or nearby outdoor space to watch frogspawn.

If you live in a flat you could also think about the life cycles of insects you can see from your window or balcony. Look at a butterfly – the Red Admiral butterflies are out here already up in the North of Scotland – and think of the transformation it goes through.

But if you do find frogs to look at, I can’t guarantee they’ll turn into a Prince!

Maybe some folk who are less Northerly could confirm if your frogspawn has already hatched tadpoles? Are you further forward in the cycle due to the warmer weather? Let us know and share any images you have by tagging #TinyRevolutions.

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