#TinyRevolutions – Growing Together

From our Northern Ireland Ambassador Siobhan Kearney, a tiny revolution about staying in touch when actual contact is not possible …

Portglenone Paddlers was set up in 2018 in response to an increasing demand from local people to have more activity on the River Bann at Portglenone. Recognising the beauty of this area and the opportunities the River Bann presented to improve access to water based activities, a group of local people came together to look at ways we could create something that would be fun, would build skills in paddle sports and would make the most of the River that flows through Portglenone every day. 

We always went out on the water twice a week during the good weather and weekly when it was colder.  Memories of the trips up the River Bann and to the beach keep us connected.

Since we can’t get out any more, we have taken to sharing our vegetable and flower growing skills with each other – and of course having a laugh at our efforts.

Tony, a Member of the Paddlers Committee has been sharing some tips with us on how to keep on growing even when we generally throw things out – like onions!  Tony tells us that the next time you are cutting an onion, cut it at the root end.  Peel any brown skin off it and stick it in water – as shown.

Then leave it a couple of weeks, stick it in a pot of compost and you will have a new onion plant.

He also shared an expert watering system with us – recycled plastic bottles can be used in planters or pots!  Just cut the bottom off the plastic bottle – stick it into the pot with the narrow end down and it delivers water deep into the soil or compost.

Pauline O’K planted lettuce seeds dated 2013, but she wasn’t deterred.  She threw them into compost and has told us she will be eating lettuce for the rest of her life!

Pauline O’R asked for some advice on old garlic bulbs – well it looks like they will grow again!  Don’t throw them out – stick it in a pot with the point up and you will have a new garlic plant! 

Joanne shared some pics of garlic she planted last year – and strangely she got Scallions – also known as Spring Onions.

This serves to keep us connected to each other.  We share tips, pictures and a laugh using a WhatsApp Group. And until we get out on the water again we will share the growth of all we have planted!