#TinyRevolutions – Lantern Jars

Tiny Revolutions has returned for 2021, with ideas; tiny steps, that anyone can take to connect a little more in their local community or to simply pass time creatively in self-isolation. In preparing for this year’s Tiny Revolutions, I found much joy in revisiting all of last year’s Tiny Revolutions, and couldn’t resist adding my own, to set the ball rolling for 2021. If you have your own Tiny Revolutions to share with the world – email them to: amie@funpalaces.co.uk.

I started making these for fun, during lockdown. I hoped that putting them in my garden and windows might bring a bit of cheer to the estate. Soon I started teaching other people how to make them over Zoom, and I was thrilled to receive photos from people I’d shared this with, who were putting them in their windows. Now it’s summer I’ve been making them again to go in the garden, they look especially magical as it starts to get dark.

You will need:
∙ An empty (clean) jam-jar
∙Coloured tissue paper / cellophane
∙A glue stick
∙A tea light or battery operated candle
∙String (optional)

Instructions to make your lantern:

  1. Cut the tissue paper or cellophane into different small shapes.
  2. Using the glue stick, glue these around the outside of the jar, covering the whole area.
  3. If you want to hang your lantern, take a length of string and wrap it several times tightly around the rim of the jar, before knotting. Then take a second piece of string and loop it through the string on the jar either side to create a handle.
  4. Put your lantern somewhere where others will be able to see and enjoy. Why not get your neighbours to join in too – you could share our PDF with them (printed or digitally) and invite them to join in. Soon your whole street could be aglow.

Here are some lanterns made by other people:

If you have a Tiny Revolution of your own that you would like to share with the world – email it to amie@funpalaces.co.uk. No matter how tiny it seems – the world needs it! If you are not online – you can text your Tiny Revolution to 07747 182 865. If you’re unsure how to write up your Tiny Revolution, this form should help!

And if you happen to make your own lantern, do send your pictures over, so that they can be shared on the Fun Palaces website. Email them to amie@funpalaces.co.uk or Tweet them to @funpalaces.