#TinyRevolutions – Quaranzine!

Nucleus Arts in Kent are veteran Fun Palaces Makers and co-create with their local community bringing people together with arts and crafts. Here’s their step-by-step guide to making your own Quaranzine …

Step one: Fold an A4 piece of paper or card in half, widthways

Step two: Open the paper and fold the top and bottom edge to meet the centre fold, so that the sheet is divided into four rows.

Step three: Fold the paper in half lengthways, so that the paper is divided into eights.

Step four: Open the paper back up and fold in half widthways. Use scissors to cut across the middle from the fold, so that when opened there is a slit in the centre of the paper.

Step five: Fold the paper lengthways so that the slit is now in the crease.

Step six: Hold the paper at each end and push them together. The sections should fold into each other to form a booklet

Step seven: Decorate your eight-page Zine.

There is no limit to what your zine could be about. You could use it to make short stories, poems, collection of drawings or collages. Once finished it could then be gifted to another member of your household or popped in the post to a friend. Why not make a mini household newspaper, with silly and positive headlines and stories!

Check out the example zine below, made by Nucleus Art’s Weekend Coordinator, Vanessa Crew …

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here