#TinyRevolutions – listening differently

Lorena Hodgson from Wisbech Radicals Fun Palace shared this birdsong recording with us.

I recorded it in my garden, Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire border, where we’re lucky enough to be on the edge of fields, and we have plum trees as well as a lot of blackberries. We also however, have neighbours and are on the main road through the village, so we usually have a fair amount of noise that isn’t birdsong. Recently, with everything being so much quieter, we can now hear birds more clearly. I’d forgotten that birds sing not only in the morning, but also in the evening.

This is (I think) a Song Thrush, who sang for a long time, with so many different styles. I haven’t heard it here before. They are on a red list for the UK. It was beautiful to hear, alongside seeing the blossoms growing and the clarity of the light we’re getting now, makes for a beautiful evening wander. Something to be grateful for. 

Lorena is also photographing plum blossom every day – find her images on Instagram #plumwatch.