Wisbech Radicals Fun Palace

Reflecting on our past (with at least 3 famous radicals – but many more, we’re sure!) and how they collaborated and communicated, our idea is to use new tech to explore ways we communicate and collaborate in the 21st Century.
ONLINE Saturday, VISIT Sunday!

Primary Contact

Lorena Hodgson


Date and Time

Saturday 2nd October 2021 13:00-16:00


Luxe Cinema Wisbech,
Alexandra Road,
United Kingdom,
PE13 1HQ

Parking across the road at St Peter’s Car Park, or Somers Road car park, with a short walk through to Alexandra Road. (see map)



Minecraft, the history of Women in Computing, crochet for left handers, weaving, podcasting and more will be discussed and demonstrated. Show us your secret skill! How do you communicate with friends and family? Send us a note, a video, or join us on Sunday and share your skills too!


Posted 3/10/2020 by Lorena Hodgson

As recommendations change, we’ll change. The Luxe Cinema is open and is following all the guidelines and is well prepared for filmgoers. We will have a safe, secure, separate space for recording and broadcasting on Sunday, so you are welcome to visit and share your skills and interests! (Or watch us through the window!)

Posted 26/09/2020 by Lorena Hodgson