#TinyRevolutions – Frozen Flowers

Another lovely activity from Clare Taylor of Bus and Bird Arts – and easy to do while staying (safely!) at home. Clare says:

This activity is one of my favourite things to do with my tiny one in the spring and summer months. It is so simple yet produces absolutely beautiful results. It treads lightly on the earth as you can use weeds or dead headed flowers plus it is accessible to everyone who has a freezer. No special equipment is needed and no extra costs are incurred.

1. All you need to do is go out into nature, which could be on a local walk or into your garden if you are lucky enough to have one.

2. Collect flowers that look past their best, deadhead flowers (with permission) or choose weeds. Put the flowers in paper bags or containers of any type.

3. Take your bounty home and sort, deciding whether you want to keep the flowers whole or separate the petals. You can organise into flower types or colours if you wish?

4. Place the flowers and petals into ice cube trays, small containers or even discarded egg shells. Pour water over the top and place in the freezer overnight.

5. Once frozen you can pop out the flower ice cubes and admire your handiwork. Perhaps even take some photos or draw and paint the trapped flowers? Additionally, Some flowers create a very pretty stain, almost watercolour-like once they start to defrost and you can use this to paint with.

6. Once defrosted you can add to your compost bin or create perfume like my tiny one prefers to make with the defrosted petals!

The quote below is from Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady of the United States from 1963 to 1969. She was an advocate for beautifying the America’s cities and highways (“Where flowers bloom, so does hope”). The Highway Beautification Act was informally known as “Lady Bird’s Bill.”

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