#TinyRevolutions – Physical Postcards of Dance

Dance Centred are an artist-led dance company based in Cornwall, passionate about delivering high quality, imaginative dance projects in which everyone can explore the potential of their bodies and ideas through dance, whatever their age and experience. They love finding new ways to get people dancing. Here is their Tiny Revolutions to help you get dancing or get others dancing …

Who do you want to get dancing?  Make a hand-crafted postcard with fun, curious, beautiful images and fabulous dance and music suggestions. Post them to your friends and family. Your little gem of a Physical Postcard will drop through the letterbox and brighten up their day and inspire them to get dancing. You never know, they might send you one if you are lucky. This is a great way to stay in touch and have some fun until you meet again.

How to make your Physical Postcard

Find some card – you could cut up a cereal box and stick paper onto one side.

The dance ideas  – 5 4 3 2 1

Starting with 5 and working your way down to 1 – think of suggestions to get your friend, mum, dad, grandad, aunty, neighbour moving. There are loads of things you could suggest, for example …

  • 5 stretches
  • 4 twists
  • 3 caterpillar wiggles
  • 2 leaps across the room waving your hands in the air
  • 1 of something to end the dance (eg 1 spin)

Maybe your friend will take a picture or video of themselves moving to your Physical Postcard idea to share with you. You could post us one to: Kilmar, South Phoenix, Minions, Liskeard PL14 5LH. Or send to Dance Centred on Facebook and we can share it and get people dancing YOUR dance. (We’re very happy to share your postcards on Fun Palaces social media channels too.)

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here

Dance Centred’s Physical Postcards are supported by Cornwall Council, FEAST and ACE