#CreativeRiots: Fly the Flag (all year round)

Hello, I’m Amie, one of the Fun Palaces producers. I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about Creative Riots and the ways in which we can show our support to our own and other communities.  Today is the final day of LGBTQ+ History Month, I always think it’s great that there is a whole month dedicated to LGBTQ+ history, and has proven an important focus for schools and institutions to celebrate LGBTQ+ history. However, as it draws to a close, I think it can be good to reflect on ways we can celebrate LGBTQ+ history and people all year round. 

Something I often worry about as a queer person is, ‘will I be welcome?’ It feels a particularly turbulent time for queer people, in particular trans folk who are facing numerous battles on a daily basis. I know from experience that seeing the intersectional LGBTQ+ flag anywhere indicates to me that I am welcome and other members of the queer community that I belong to are welcome as well (if not everyone is welcome, then I do not want to be there). 

So, as LGBTQ+ History month draws to a close, whether you are queer or not, perhaps you could think about to make your home, workplace, Fun Palace or other space you may hold more LGBTQ+ friendly (there’s lots of info online how to do this), and add a visual signifier to queer people that they are welcome, such as the inclusive pride flag. Could you make one? A tiny hand drawn flag would be a tiny signal that may make queer people feel more at ease. Trust, me, as a queer person, I have an inbuilt radar to spot this symbol. 

A flag doesn’t make the world perfect and it isn’t a guarantee, but it is a starting point. 

Intersectional LGBTQ+ Flag

(This includes a range of sexualities, the blue, pink and white are for the trans community, and black and brown represent queer people from the global majority.)

New Intersectional LGBTQ+ Flag

(This one includes the intersex pride flag as well)

Trans Pride Flag

To share your own #CreativeRiots ideas contact email: amie@funpalaces.co.uk or call 0208 692 4446, ext 203. www.funpalaces.co.uk 

Biscuits made by Fun Palaces visitors to LGBTQ+ Fun Palace at the Pleasance 2018