TinyRevolutions – create a community quilt.

A great way to involve those NOT online.

Several local online groups are offering this suggestion – anyone with basic knitting or sewing skills can make sections of a quilt, perhaps adding embroidery or applique images about the neighbourhood, ready to gather together when we can (safely) reconnect.

There are hundreds of online basic intros to quilting, many are simple to print out or copy and leave or post to an offline neighbour with basic instructions and a few useful items – packet of sewing needles, pair of kitting needles and a ball of wool.

If you are able to offer to share ideas or materials with an offline neighbour, perhaps share your phone number in case they want a chat a some point? Those of us online are discovering loads of new ways to connect, it’s much harder for people offline.

We may not be able to connect in person to co-create, but we can do so individually, knowing that our work will come together eventually.

And send us images of your work in progress! We can share them here and build a visual quilt …