Home-Made Hero

Fun Palaces always welcome children and young people taking the lead, so here’s a great idea from Bounce Theatre – handing over thanks, gratitude, praise to friends, neighbours and family. Here’s how to make your own …

Homemade Hero Awards!

As the year progresses, we are thinking about the people in your life who have helped you out in ways big and small, particularly during lockdown. Fill in below with the people who you’d like to give an award to. You can make up your own awards categories too!

Here are some possibilities …

Best Jokes:
eg: My Grandpa because he sings silly songs that always make me laugh.

Best Compliments:
eg: My neighbour, Jack – he always has something kind to say and it cheers me up.

Best celebrity:
eg: Joe Wicks, millions of people have done his workouts.

Best Community Spirit:
eg: Lara runs the community association on an estate which is a five minute walk from me. During Lockdown, she bought Easter Eggs for all of the children on her estate.

Best Role Model:
eg: Marcus Rashford. He’s used his position as a famous footballer to help children all over the country to have access to free meals this summer.

Now you can make them an award, here’s a template you can follow:

You could even throw your own socially distanced friendly award ceremony – and make it part of your Tiny Fun Palace! Sign up here.

We are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here