#TinyRevolutions – Tree of Life

Fun Palaces Makers St Margaret’s House share this lovely Tiny Revolution they’ve been working on with their own local community.

St Margaret’s mission is to promote positive social change by creating opportunities for people to come together and play a more active part in their community. They say: “Projects anchor us in the community, providing spaces for residents to eat, shop, learn, create, and enjoy a diverse cultural programme.”

Tree of Life – a window display based on the idea of a Tree of Life.

Participants from St Margaret’s House are working on this from home and will join all the leaves together when we can meet again for a window display in our Create Place.

In many cultures the tree is a symbol of connection between life above and below ground. It’s a representation of life between worlds be that spiritual, physical or social. It can symbolise a number of things to different people including Interconnectedness, Knowledge, Endurance and Sharing.

Edited to add an update from Stuart at St Margaret’s: “Some of our Create Place users were really inspired by the project and sent us their images which we have put together in a digital gallery below.”

How To Do It

Step One

Option OneYou can do this individually. Draw and colour the image of your tree of life on a large piece of card in the “style” of the suggested images below.

Option Two – As a group activity draw and colour a larger tree on a bigger piece of card.

Step Two

For both options fill the branches with leaves made of whatever art form/skill that you prefer to build a full tree. Options can include paper, beading, sewing, felt, materials, embroidery and so. Glue the leaves to the tree.

Option: If making a whole tree feels too much, maybe try making a garland.

Step Three

Hang your tree of life where ever you would like to.


  • Make it as big or small as you like.
  • You’ll need paper, card, paint or colouring pens and pencils for the tree and whatever materials you wish for the leaves. You’ll need glue or sewing materials to attach the leaves to the tree.
  • Be as elaborate or simple as you like
  • Have fun!

we are also happy to print & send to you – contact us here