#TinyRevolutions – prescription

A prescription for an anxious neighbour …

from Carine, Farnham Fun Palace

nb – strict handwashing safety is important before passing on any objects to others. (we know you know this, just saying …)

Hello hello,
Marge is a 70-something who lives on her own. Her children live about an hour aaway and their visits are now very limited. Marge is really struggling over the whole situation and worries terribly for herself of course but mostly for her children. Food/resources are not an issue. She could self-isolate till 2026 at the very least. But anxiety is eating her away. I came up with this ‘prescription’ idea thinking it would be nice for her to wake up in the morning and have a new message to open (however silly it is – it will tell her that people think of her). And the prescription can (will) be renewed every week. 
The extra bonus? While I was writing the messages (researching, drawing, writing), I was very happy. My attention was fully on the task and I wasn’t distracted by the overwhelming current doom and gloom.
So yes, I had a brilliant time making these silly notes and hopefully Marge will have a better time reading them. Fun will keep us sane!