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Building a Fun Palace; a Place for Awe and Wonder in Communities

Alan Lane is the Artistic Director of Slung Low Theatre company, in Holbeck. If you’re a fan of Fun Palaces you will likely find his book, The Club on the Edge of Town, a hugely…

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#CreativeRiots – Visual Community Blanket

This Creative Riot was created by Remi from Inverness.  I like to think of a Visual Community Blanket as 100 languages (Malaguzzi, 1996) combined with traditional patchwork quilts. Though 100 languages is based around the…

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#CreativeRiots – Don’t Leave me in the Cold

“Make a statement in your community” This Creative Riot was created by Remi from Inverness.  “Oftentimes we are frustrated about what is happening around the world concerning living costs, energy prices, fuel prices (the list…

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#CreativeRiots – Stitch Up For Change

This Creative Riot comes from Katie Weldon, at Science Ceilidh.  “From embroidered protest banners in support of the women’s suffrage movement to modern embroidery resistance projects like the Craftivist Collective, embroidery has a longstanding place…

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Fun Palaces, Sustainability and Local Culture

Outside of my Fun Palaces work (but entirely joined up with it) I am working on a project exploring the 20 minute neighbourhood (or 15 minute city) model. The idea being that residents of a…

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Illustration of a large group of people huddled together, smiling and embracing under red bunting and a Fun Palaces banner.

Why fun matters when the going gets tough

The Cost of Living crisis is having catastrophic effects across the UK, far deepening the existing inequality resulting from 13 years of austerity. Costs rise and opportunities narrow, “just enough” shrinks to become “not enough”…

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Two people perform music to a seated audience at Stratford East Fun Palace

All culture has value, and music is worth something…right?

Our co-director Makala Cheung shares her thoughts on the value of music and fair pay in the music industry: I’m sitting listening to The Bristol Music Show on BCFM while reflecting on a Diverse Artists…

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Who holds the power?

Why is it that some culture is put high on a pedestal and gets countless streams of funding directed at it, whereas other areas of arts and culture remain underfunded and fighting for a platform?…

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Online Fun Palaces

If you’re stuck at home isolating this weekend, or don’t happen to be near a Fun Palace – do not worry! There are several online Fun Palaces signed up, as well as some Fun Palaces…

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It’s Never too Late to Make A Fun Palace

It is absolutely never too late to sign up a Fun Palace, even the day before the annual weekend of action, even on the morning of the day you want to hold the Fun Palace.…

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#TinyRevolutions – Unexpected Nature Montage

Sometimes I find it can feel like a bit of a struggle to get out of the house, whether stepping outside of the back door for some fresh air, or going on a walk around…

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