#TinyRevolutions – Unexpected Nature Montage

Sometimes I find it can feel like a bit of a struggle to get out of the house, whether stepping outside of the back door for some fresh air, or going on a walk around the block. Sometimes setting a small challenge or task is exactly what I need to get me going. During lockdown I’d arrange to call someone and go for a walk while I did. Or I’d aim to go and take pictures of the sunset. Another thing I’d challenge myself to do would be to find unexpected nature.  I’ve always found it amazing that, living in a city, there is still nature, everywhere. And I find it quite magical that if all of the people were to disappear overnight, it would be only a matter of weeks before nature started to reclaim the concrete walls and bricks and buildings. 

So, here is an unexpected nature challenge – to find nature wherever you may be – oceans, rivers, forests and parks, but also in the unexpected places: creeping from between bricks in walls or cracks in pavements. This Tiny Revolution will work wherever you are. My one was all shot within a few meters of my house on our estate. 

To make a video you’ll need a phone with a camera. Though another great option is to make a sketch of your findings, if a camera phone isn’t available to you.  

Each time you stumble across something interesting, film it for a few seconds. Or sketch a picture of it. Challenge yourself by finding different angles and perspectives. View things close up, or from low down. 

If you’re filming and want to make it in to a full montage, you can use imovie (free if you have an iphone) or movie maker on android phones. You can use these programmes to drop the clips in together and export as one video. Alternatively you can stitch them together on an app like instagram (use the reels option).  Or just keep them as separate clips if you’re not familiar with these bits of tech.

Why not share them with a friend, neighbour or family member, and send them off on their own unexpected nature challenge. Share your findings on social media (don’t forget to tag in @funpalaces!)

If you have a Tiny Revolution of your own that you would like to share – email it to amie@funpalaces.co.uk. No matter how tiny it seems – the world needs it! If you are not online – you can text your Tiny Revolution to 07747 182 865. If you’re unsure how to write up your Tiny Revolution, this form should help!