#TinyRevolutions: Make the Museum of You

This Tiny Revolution started off years ago as a conversation starter – ‘What three objects in your home would represent you best?’ Then in lockdown I turned it into an actual activity for some older kids I was working with at the time on Zoom – in which they went to find the objects and curate them into a display. I then went on to ask my friends to join in as well. I love the idea of curating a museum about ourselves. We are packed with stories, and often have stories connected to the objects in our homes; objects that can become a window to the past, to a different time, a different place, when we were a different version of ourselves. You could do this Tiny Revolution just for you, or invite others to join in.

How to make the Museum of You:

  1. Find three objects at home that you feel represent you in some way or another. You don’t have to think too hard about it, in fact the first three you’re drawn towards are probably perfect.
  2. Make a placard for each object – if you’re able to date it (the year you got it – or even the date if you know), then do. Give it a name. And a short description of why it represents you, or is an important part of your story.
  3. Find a space in your home to curate these objects, lay them out, add their labels.
  4. Share your museum with someone. A photo of it. Via video call. Invite them round to look.
  5. Ask them what three objects they would choose, ask them to tell you why and, if they’re up for it invite them to curate their own mini-museum.

This might be a fun activity to share with a group of people you know, you could even curate a museum of objects in a community space, and invite people to bring things in to add to it. Collectively, in our communities we have so much history, but stories often get buried – objects can be a really good way to unearth otherwise lost histories.

So, what three objects would be in yours?

Enjoy – feel free to tell us what your three objects would be, or send a photo. It would be great to see them! Email them to amie@funpalaces.co.uk or tweet them to @FunPalaces.

If you have a Tiny Revolution of your own that you would like to share – email it to amie@funpalaces.co.uk. No matter how tiny it seems – the world needs it! If you are not online – you can text your Tiny Revolution to 07747 182 865. If you’re unsure how to write up your Tiny Revolution, this form should help!