Update – making REALLY tiny Fun Palaces

Yes, it is very confusing right now.
Different rules for different nations, for boroughs and towns within those nations.
Different suggestions for people depending on age, health, other needs.

Here’s something that’s not confusing – Fun Palaces’ belief in the genius in every person and the brilliance of every community.

Since we started in 2014, we have known that our work is to shine a light on the great connections made at Fun Palaces every year as well as the unsung work that happens in every community, all the time. Our role is to magnify the brilliance of every community and every person.

2020 is different in many ways. Some of us have been ill, some have lost loved ones, many have worked right on the front line of caring and connection, we’ve all been worried or anxious at times. And we have seen our communities step up and take care of each other. We have made small connections locally that have turned into friendships. We have seen strangers looking out for each other – we have been the strangers looking out for each other.

Now, more than ever, we need to go back to Fun Palaces basics. Whether you connect through sharing a skill with your neighbours, sharing your passion for craft or science or arts, online or on your doorstep at a safe 2m from others, simply sharing a skill or something you care about (drawing, baking, carpentry, astronomy etc) can make a genuine difference in the life of your local community.

To make it easy and safe to take part, we have created a new set of resources to go with our usual support: 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces. Everything from digital ideas for online novices to a Shielders’ Guide to creating a Fun Palace while taking care of yourself. There are Covid-safety guidelines, the many Tiny Revolutions activities that Makers sent us throughout lockdown and ideas from artists to inspire you.

If you are linked to a venue, check out how Horsecross Arts in Perthshire are supporting their local community to take part.

Bodmin have made town-wide Fun Palaces in the past, this year they’re going fully online.

Here are some small group and individual ideas:
Sand Art Fun Palace in Orkney.
Afamily and a few friends sharing craft skills in Northern Ireland.
A travelling wheelbarrow in Mansfield with one-to-one and tiny group craft activities.
Sychdyn in North Wales sharing village stories by leaving them in a safe place to collect and share later.

And from Tiny Revolutions, how about creating a front window gallery, making seed papers to send as postcards or a quaranzine to share local news? Loads more activities here.

Sign up to connect in your community – live or online, safe, creative. Look out for changes in your local guidelines and we’ll keep updating our information as we get closer to the weekend.

For the past six years, Fun Palaces Makers have shown us what it means to connect in community and why it matters to them. This year we are even more excited to see what you create with your Fun Palaces, your tiny revolutions of connection.