#TinyRevolutions – connecting OFFline

TinyRevolutions – connecting OFFline

We’re keen to make sure that those people who are OFFline still find ways to enjoy the connection of others, here are some ideas to reach out while #StayingHome

Make your front window or flat balcony a gallery – if you’re home-schooling put your kids’ paintings up in the window, facing out for those on their way to vital work to see.

Artist & activist Stephen Pritchard and Alice (7) and Sebastian (5) did this last week …

Decorate your front window or balcony to tell a story, maybe one that changes every few days.

Window Wanderland have some lovely ideas here. Some of them will need to be adapted for safety, send us images of what you or your neighbours create. Author and illustrator Jane Porter wrote about creating a Window Wanderland.

Jane Porter’s images

Phone calls – if you know of an older person who is likely to be lonely, offer to have a regular phone call with them. They may not have much news to share about their every day life but they will definitely have stories to tell of other times – good and difficult. Sometimes hearing how someone else got through a hard time can be very helpful, for both people in the conversation.

If you’re supporting someone by dropping off food and you know they’re not online, print up one of the #TinyRevolutions ideas each time and leave it with their shopping on the doorstep. That way they can also join in – when we’re being cared for by others it feels good to be able to do something for ourselves if possible.