Fun Palaces 2015!

Here we go … opening registrations for 2015!

We welcome you to sign up whether you’ve been planning your Fun Palace since the end of the Fun Palaces weekend last year and you know exactly what you’re going to do already, or if you’ve only just decided to go for it, and have no idea what it will be – just that it WILL be. There’s plenty of time for you to fill your Fun Palace Maker page with details of who, what and how, but if you’re ready, feel free to get your name on the map right now. And if not, that’s fine too – we’re not going anywhere!

We’d love you to check out our evaluation too – we’re hugely proud of what we achieved in our pilot year in 2014, and we know we still have loads to learn and to build on. The Maker testimonials are brilliant as well – we can only make Fun Palaces TOGETHER, so the more we can learn from each other, the better.

As ever, if there’s anything that isn’t clear or you’d like to know more, have a look in the ToolKit, check out the FAQs, leave a message on the discussion board, or contact us directly at

There’s also a load of How To information right here.

We want to help anyone, anywhere, to create a Fun Palace – free, local, innovative, transformative, engaging – bringing together arts and science, by and for your own community, making a difference from the grassroots up.

Everyone An Artist, Everyone a Scientist

Welcome to Fun Palaces 2015 – What Will YOU Do?