Our Evaluations and Films 2014-2021

Every year we make a new short film and a brief evaluation of our work, showing us what we are doing well and what we can do better.

2021 Film and Mini-Evaluation

The 2021 Makers talk about Fun Palaces, as they begin to look a little more like Fun Palaces did in previous years.

the main numbers

who made Fun Palaces?

what was it like?

2020 Film and Mini-Evaluation

We will share the 2020 evaluation at our annual launch in spring, for now, please enjoy our 2020 film – the community, the connections, the reaching out, the gathering together anyway

The 2020 Makers talk about making Fun Palaces in a very different year.

Lots more to come, but for now, here are some lovely numbers …

the main numbers
who made Fun Palaces?
what was it like?

View or download the data above in a PDF:

2019 Evaluation and Film

Download the 2019 Fun Palaces Evaluation in PDF format.

2016-2018 Evaluations and Films

Below are all of the Fun Palaces evaluations and films going back to the first Fun Palace weekend in 2014:

2018 Film & Evaluation

2017 Film & Evaluation

2016 Film & Evaluation

2015 Film & Evaluation

2014 Film & Evaluation

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