Fun Palaces 2015

Here’s our 2015 film where we ask Fun Palaces Makers what it is like to create a Fun Palace with their own community.

We’re delighted to share our Fun Palaces Evaluation 2015 with you. In it we share how Fun Palaces changes people’s behaviour – 84% felt motivated to do more creative things in future, and 70% thought they would do something different as a result of this experience.

As one Maker put it: “(Fun Palaces) instills creative power in everybody. It doesn’t make arts and science something we read or watch but something we make and do. It’s collaborative and inclusive, bond-building and boundary-smashing.”

We have also put together a dedicated Libraries Evaluation to celebrate the 27% Fun Palaces that happened in libraries across the world in 2015.

How It Was

On 3 & 4 October 2015, 142 Fun Palaces took place across the UK and the world.

From Portstewart to Penzance, Sunderland to Shrewsbury, Christchurch New Zealand to Regina in Saskatchewan Canada, Wigtown to Pontypridd, Leicester to London, Bristol to Birmingham, each Fun Palace celebrated its own unique community and the skills and interests of those who live there. They were made by 2,079 Fun Palace Makers with over 50,000 people joining in.

Read more about the huge range and diversity of activities that happened and skills that were shared at Fun Palaces here.