Top 5 Free Things You Can Do to Publicise Your Fun Palace

You’ve been brave. You’ve taken on the challenge of making a Fun Palace. You’ve signed up to put community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of your community – great.

At this stage, some of you will be wanting to get more people involved in making your Fun Palace happen, others maybe thinking about how to get people to attend their Fun Palace over the weekend, 5 & 6 October. Here are our top 5 ideas:

1. Posters, leaflets and outdoor banners

All of these are available in English and bilingual Welsh/English versions.

Download the Fun Palace poster and leaflet templates and design a poster, remembering to include what, when and where.

Alternatively, Fun Palaces can send you some printed templates for you to add location and time details, we provide A4, A3 and double-sided A5 flyers. Email with the quantities you need and a delivery address.

If the poster template isn’t suitable for your Fun Palace, it’s fine to design your own. You may wish to include our logos or ‘house’ branding.

We’ve also designed outdoor banners for you to use, we can’t provide them free of charge, but we have a link to a reputable good, cheap company and the design is all ready to go. Scroll to the end of our Logos, Posters & Banners page.

2. Social media

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all free, easy to use and great ways to connect with others who may want to join or attend your Fun Palace. In fact, many Fun Palaces have started with Twitter conversations.

Fun Palaces HQ is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and for those of you who don’t follow us, we like to keep the global Fun Palaces community talking, so why not join us by liking our page on Facebook or following us on Twitter or Instagram? We regularly post photos, videos, blogs and advice for you to read and share.

We keep our Fun Palaces community connected by asking everyone to post on social media using #FunPalaces. During the Fun Palaces weekend we advise displaying #FunPalaces (with #PalasauHwyl in Wales!) big and bold in a couple of places inside your Fun Palace, to encourage attendees to share their thoughts and Fun Palaces adventure with us all.

3. Your local paper and blogs

Let your local newspapers and blogs know that your Fun Palace is happening, as they may wish to write about it. You could even invite them along.

If your local publications have What’s On sections or listings, send them the details of your Fun Palace.

Journalists are usually very busy, so if you can’t contact them the first time – don’t give up.

4. Instagram gallery

During the Fun Palaces weekend we encourage you to post photos of what’s going on at your Fun Palace on Instagram using #FunPalaces. If you do, these photos will show in our website gallery so that everyone across the globe can check out what’s happening… and maybe feel inspired to pop along to yours.

5. Tell 5 people today… and everyday!

The best publicity is word of mouth, tell at least five people you know about your Fun Palace today, either invite them to join you in making or tell them about your plans for the weekend.

If you need any further advice or support, Fun Palaces are always just tweet or an email away. For any questions relating to this blog, you can contact the email address below.

Daniel King

Fun Palaces communications (freelance)