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Our very own podcast!

Released just before the 7th annual weekend of action, in this podcast you’ll hear from Fun Palaces co-director Stella Duffy on how the idea has grown over the past 7 years and all about Tiny Fun Palaces
Fun Palaces Maker Lorena Hodgson shares lots of ideas about getting involved, including digital activities to create, and two Fun Palaces Ambassadors Lewis Hou and Beverley Nunn share some info about local Fun Palaces in Sheffield and Scotland. Also, Eddie McClenaghan reads us a poem.

Producer: Dan Vo 
Exec producer: Ravina Bajwa
Editor: Samuel Gunn
Guests: Lewis Hou, Stella Duffy, Lorena Hodgson, Beverley Nunn and Eddie McCleneghan.
Made with help from: the Fun Palaces team


We know that not everyone wants to read through many pages of website, so here are the links to a few podcasts and interviews we’ve done in the past – how Fun Palaces started, what we’re all about, why we care about this work,and how you can get involved.

Quarantine Island Discs – our co-director Stella Duffy talks to Laurence Peters in the USA about Fun Palaces, Covid, arts, 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces, Tiny Revolutions and connecting in community anyway.

How to be Hopeful – Stella Duffy talks to Bernadette Russell about COVID-19, Tiny Revolutions, Fun Palaces, creating in community, saying yes, the value of play and making sure we include those offline as well as online.

The Alternative – Fun Palaces and thinking about ways of gathering, ways of supporting communities to come together, on their own terms.

The British Theatre Guide – Fun Palaces, Joan Littlewood, history and present

Lush Learning – Fun Palaces and lifelong learning, skills-sharing, trusting communities to create for and by themselves.

Always Possible podcast – ethos and reasons for Fun Palaces, class, inclusion, diversity, change.