• Top 5 Free Things To Publicise Your Fun Palace

    Dan has created a great list of free things to share your Fun Palace locally so that you have loads of vistors on the day itself - and maybe meet some new Makers for next year!

  • Generous Radical Creativity In Action

    Lancaster Fun Palace's Emma Rucastle gives us her thoughts on the personal, professional, local and community value in making Fun Palaces ...

  • Our 2019 Film

    Our new short film with Makers from 2018 telling us why making a Fun Palace matters to them and their community.

  • Evaluation 2018

    All the data we collected from Fun Palaces in 2018 - what we're proud of, where we're working harder, what we're achieving and the differences we're making.

  • How to Make a Fun Palace in 4 weeks or less!

    Not everything takes months of planning.

    Plenty of groups and individuals have made Fun Palaces in 4, 3 or even 2 weeks - here's how ...

  • Maker Soundbites

    Makers give us great tips for making Fun Palaces, from inviting in new people to sharing space to planning for next year during your Fun Palace...

  • Fun Palacing with Extinction Rebellion

    Farnham Fun Palace tell us about local links, making connections and developing their climate change work with their local ER group.

  • Eltham Library on the joy of handing over public space.

    We have had some fabulous heart-wrenching, scary, wonderful moments being part of Fun Palaces. A big part of that was letting go and handing over our library space to the community ...

  • Making a Fun Palace with people with dementia - and every one else ...

    Thelma uses reminiscence and community history to bring people together. They're getting ready for their next Fun Palace - handing over not just space, but air waves!

  • Use #FunPalaces hashtag so we can share what you're doing in your Fun Palaces

  • What are Fun Palaces?

    We are an ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture, with an annual weekend of action – arts, science, craft, tech, digital, heritage and sports events activities – run by, for and with local communities. 


Fun Palaces is a campaign promoting community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community, with an annual weekend of action created by, for and with local people.  In this film, Makers tell us why making a Fun Palace matters to them.


Libraries, public parks, shopping malls, schools, swimming pools, town squares. There were 433 Fun Palaces across the UK and beyond in 2018. Where will your Fun Palace be on the 5th and 6th October 2019?