• Fun Palaces & Arts Award

    Great short film (in blog) about young people from Whickham School making Fun Palaces at Sage Gateshead in 2019 for their Arts Award - we welcome many more in 2020!

  • Our 2019 Film

    Our short film with Makers from 2018 telling us why making a Fun Palace matters to them and their community.

  • Evaluation 2018

    All the data we collected from Fun Palaces in 2018 - what we're proud of, where we're working harder, what we're achieving and the differences we're making.

  • What happens AFTER the Fun Palace?

    Farnham Fun Palace and Boundary Estate Fun Palace tell us about the ongoing events and connections their Fun Palaces have led to ...

  • Finding Better Words for our Work

    Our co-director Stella Duffy on getting rid of enabling and empowering - let's conable and compower - with instead of to, with instead of for, with instead of at.

  • A gallery of your #FunPalaces 2019 images

  • Use #FunPalaces hashtag so we can share what you're doing in your Fun Palaces


Fun Palaces is a campaign promoting community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community, with an annual weekend of action created by, for and with local people.  In this film, Makers tell us why making a Fun Palace matters to them.


Libraries, public parks, shopping malls, schools, swimming pools, town squares. There have been 1758 Fun Palaces across the UK and beyond since 2014. Signups open in March for the next Fun Palaces weekend of action – 3/4 October 2020.