TinyRevolutions – share a poem

from Dr Tehmina Goskar, Curatorial Research Centre

Tehmina is part of a group playing traditional Cornish music & says they’ll play outdoors in parks & public spaces (keeping safe distances) as long as the weather is good, so passers-by can enjoy their offer. If you or anyone you know is doing the same, share their info with us so we can help get it out – maybe a video or audio too?

Meanwhile, here’s Tehmina’s #TinyRevolutions idea for connecting OFFline in local community:

Place a plant pot on your doorstep/flats balcony or stairwell/street entrance with a story or poem tucked in & maybe even your phone number if you’re willing to have a chat with a lonely neighbour.

Stella (Fun Palaces co-director) made a poetry pot for her south London street.

update – and then, a few days later, Stella received this postcard from Kirsty & Danny (people she doesn’t know) who had taken & enjoyed a poem from those shared. VERY #TinyRevolutions!