SickBabe Workshop, Suriya Aisha

Making friends with failure.

As part of our 2020 Artist Commissions, Suriya Aisha created two workshops for SickBabes – (women and non binary people who identify as being sick or disabled) to be together and discuss what it feels like to constantly ‘failing’ your own expectations.

Visual note-taker Jae Tallawah created these records of the workshops so that others can also try out Suriya’s suggestions for making friends with failure.

The coincidence of your life is a miracle.
Small acts of self compassion.

What small acts of self compassion have you done in the past week to take care of yourself?

Does failure exist?

When you live with invisible and/or chronic illness, a ‘win’ can look very different to what many people expect.
Capitalism conditions us to think we either win or lose.
We can re-frame our relationship with failure by using new words to define it … like ‘wobbly lemon moments’.

Little Letters

Write an ‘in case of emergency’ letter, filled with things that a future you would want/need to hear in a ‘wobbly lemon moment’.