Yoga and Writing Online Fun Palace


Yoga for writing – two Zoom workshops.
nb – the pic is of me laughing having fallen out of a yoga pose.
Yoga is not about getting the poses right, writing is not about getting the words right, they’re both about giving it a go.
Two 45 min workshops, 11am and 4pm.

Primary Contact

Stella Duffy

Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 09:00-17:00


This Fun Palace is taking place online

Greater London,
United Kingdom

online Fun Palace

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Having qualified as a yoga teacher this year, I’m sharing my ‘secret skill’ at a Fun Palace …

In my non-Fun Palaces life I’m a writer, so I will run two short online workshops, linking yoga exercises to writing, to explore the physical nature of writing and the way that opening up the body and breath can support our writing and creativity.

No yoga or writing experience required, no reading your work aloud, just a chance to try. 

Bring a pen/pencil, paper and try to be somewhere comfortable, on a yoga mat or in a clear space, where you can move as well as you are able. 

Once you sign up, I’ll send you the link to the workshop and further details. 

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Friday 1st October 2021


Yoga & Writing Workshop 1

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Yoga & Writing Workshop 2

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