Vegetables in my window with Mme Zucchini Fun Palace

Make a vegetable creature and put it in your window. Let’s fill our windows with Vegetable Art!

Primary Contact

Natalie Hunt


Date and Time

Friday 1st October 2021 09:00-17:00
Saturday 2nd October 2021 09:00-17:00


South Yorkshire,
United Kingdom
red pepper pig.jpg


Mme Zucchini has been displaying her veg characters in her front window since lockdown started, so there have been quite a few now (150? is it that many?) She’s inviting you to get involved and make your own veg character this weekend, and even pop it in your window. Why not take a picture and share with her @madamezucchini or your social media platform of choice?

She may even come and have a look herself if you’re not too far away in Sheffield, so do get in touch.

And if you find you need some inspiration, why not come along to the workshop on Zoom on Saturday at 1pm. All you need to bring is a few veg and some cocktail sticks. Sign up and she’ll send you the link: