The Taste Buds’ Teeny Fun Palace


Everyone is free to make their own Raviolo (or try out any of the other downloadable activities on our website ( or here:

Date and Time

Thursday 30th September 2021 09:00-17:00
Friday 1st October 2021 09:00-17:00
Saturday 2nd October 2021 09:00-17:00


This activity allows us all to make our own raviolo pocket out of paper and pop our wishes, dreams and ideas for the future inside. By writing things down, it helps us remember all the things we’d like to do and achieve, whether that’s to run a marathon, paint the shed or make someone smile real soon! You can pin your raviolo onto a wall or stick it in your diary or favourite notebook. Anywhere that you won’t lose or forget about it. Of course you don’t have to show anyone the contents of your raviolo, unless you really want to…and you can make as many as you like (but remember, then it’s called ravioli!).