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A day of crafts and community – you are welcome to join our zoom call and we will move you into the craft  room/table  of your choice or come and jo…

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Date and Time

Sunday 3rd October 2021 10:00-12:00


This Fun Palace is taking place online

Stanstead Road,
Greater London,
United Kingdom,
SE23 1DD

Through the main entrance or unless otherwise directed Here is the zoom link for those that would like to join online Topic: Fun Palace @ The Lodge Time: Oct 3, 2021 10:00 AM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 860 0998 8213 Passcode: 753261


A day of crafts and community - you are welcome to join our zoom call and we will move you into the craft  room/table  of your choice or come and join us on the day, if you are in the local area drop in for: Face painting with Shannon  –  In person and on zoom: Tissue paper flower making / pebble painting with Bethan and Louis -  Wool balls with Kate - Tea cupcake decorating with Brandon -, games for children and adults  –  think grandmas footsteps– and hopefully learn a dance with Millie and Verity. We will be collecting Donations (optional):  1 piece of clothing / baby nappies/ sanitary products/ toys for our local Lewisham refugee charity (Bagged and labelled please)  & 1 piece of food; tins/pasta/ cleaning products for our local Food Drop.

We invite you to bake a cake or cookies  (or buy them) to share at the event - this of course,  is all optional.

Free cups of tea and coffee are on offer. Accessibility is good for wheel chairs. Do feel free to pop in  just to say hello, a chat and no obligation of bringing anything-  just yourself and a smile. 

Hopefully the rain will stop for us to go outside - we will have a canopy for people to go outside and have a cuppa - the hall will be well ventilated and social distancing measures are encouraged if you are coming into the venue. Look forward to seeing you either in person or on zoom. 


Sunday 3rd October 2021

10:00 - 12:00

Crafts tables available for all to join and create. Pebble painting to put around the street to remind us about our lovely day and to cheer people up- Tissue Paper flower making for people  in our community for the people and in the homes in the surrounding the garden  -Cup cake decorating  - Games and Dancing either in the hall or the garden.  Of course a nice cup of tea and coffee and a biscuit - we are online as we are keeping capacity to a minimum for those in the street this year and will expand next year to all. 

10:30 - 11:30

Here is the zoom link and a room breakdown - So when you go into the zoom you can request to go into the zoom room of your choice. Room 1: Pebble painting and Tissue paper flower making with Bethan and Louis -  Equiptment required:  a pebble to paint and some permanent markers or paints. For flowers:  tissue paper and wire straws to make paper flowers.    Room 2 - Wool ball with Kate - Equipment required: Scissors cardboard and wool.  Room 3 with Brandon the Chef- Decorating Tea cakes  - Equipment required - Tea cakes and icing or decorating tubes.                                              Zoom Link                                            

Meeting ID: 860 0998 8213

Passcode: 753261


11:30- 12:00

If its dry Games in the garden if not in the main stage room - Grandmas Footsteps - Musical Chairs and The Balloon Game. Maybe a candy dance or tie Tok dance lesson if we can persuade Millie or Verity to teach us :-) . 


Mike collecting Feedback and our local residents in the background
Mike drove from Kent to come down and give a hand and was there asking all throughout what I needed – at this point he is collecting quantitive and qualititive data – A board with a happy face a serious face and a sad face that people could put a post it on – enabling all to give feedback is a very simple method #accessibility
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Betty and Jane enjoying a cuppa and a chin wag
Betty emailed me the previous evening requesting her daughter come and get her Brownie badge and share her love of the environment making us all think about ways we can help our environment - Lyssi has made a poster about protecting the environment and her mum emailed me wondering if she could bring it along and talk to people about what they could do (see below) And that's Jane my partner in crime when Ide made the decision to run a 'Fun Palace' I knew that I needed Jane my Robin (as in Batman and bird) she held my hand and we knocked on doors, harassed people in the street "erm excuse me, hello yes you - we are running a community event etc etc" we said as people tried to get home lol We met so many new neighbours and she introduced me to others who had also lived in the street for years - Jane encouraged me - spread the word on Facebook created a WhatsApp group for future events and even volunteered her husbands services on the day - We all need a Jane in our lives - find yourself a Jane and run a Fun Palace #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Cathy and Chris Crafting away :-)
The lovely Chris 'The Lodges' crafter who came and shared her skills of making wool Baubles hats - alongside Cathy who has volunteered in a million different roles at 'The Lodge' over the years.
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Our fabulous face painter - Shannon
My lovely neighbour who volunteered to spend two hours painting faces - look how gorgeous her and her little boy are - she worked relentlessly ensuring all of the future leaders had the face they wanted for the day. Beautiful.
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Brandon using his Chef skills  showing one of our future how to decorate cup cakes
This picture really warms my heart - ive known Brandon since he was a young boy at primary school with my son and when I asked him to come along and share his skills he was so quick to say yes - this picture sums up what Fun Palaces are all about bring people together and sharing
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Thank you to these lovelies for coming all the way from Rochester to come and lend a hand. Verity and the lovely Millie who was my partner in crime all the day assisting me with all of the logistics and Verity with the zoom (working on it) And to the left Bethan taking control of our local pebble drop encouraging everyone to paint pebbles and place them in the area with uplifting colouring and pictures to remind us of our day or an emblem to support a cause - I found a few on the way home - Thanks lovelies
Posted 4/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
Lyssi has recently joined Brownies and she's trying to earn her speaking out badge. To earn it, Lyssi has to share her views about something she's passionate about with other people. Lyssi has made a poster about protecting the environment and her mum emailed me wondering if she could bring it along and talk to people about what they could do to protect the environment and save habitats. A brilliant idea which is what 'Fun Palaces' encourages so this was awesome. A Young 'Fun Palace" maker in the making...
Posted 3/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
A view of the room with people standing in conversation, the crafts tables and tea and coffee station in the back ground.
A beautiful energy in the air today
Posted 3/10/2021 by Lauren Samme
The Lodge seniors Fun Palaces lead maker - Lauren with her neighbour who she hasn't seen for 18 months.
So lovely to catch up with this young women x
Posted 3/10/2021 by Lauren Samme

Wow what a great day - it was such a great community feeling with neighbours in and out everyone getting involved in the crafts - the kids getting their faces painted and the first time for some seeing the building. I was soo impressed how all of the neighbours and my friends came together to support and take part. Having had such a long period of isolation and lockdown, for some it was not easy to come in and for others it was at last a chance to meet their new neighbours. So many new names to remember :-) A really beautiful day. We didn't quite get it all right but they are things to work on for the the next one (zoom)- can't wait! Thanks to all of you who are keeping the legacy alive - so inspirational - On a note to anyone reading this and is thinking about getting involved - if you are feeling anxious, not good enough, in doubt about putting a small or large fun palace on - Please just do it - I have gone through so much self doubt to put it on and was so excited by today, even if it had just been me who showed up  I would've been proud :-) - I was so surprised and it was just the lift we needed in these crazy times, how everyone got involved and showed up - Great experience 

Posted 3/10/2021 by Lauren Samme

So we have this evening visited all the neighbours to invite them to attend, so many new neighbours we have not met due to the lock down and lots of people knew about it from being in whattsapp groups and from word of mouth. I have been speaking to people that I never have to invite them and some of us have lived here for over 15 years :-) Its been a great response and enthusiasm. The hall is now booked. I have even drafted in my sons friend Brandon who is a chef to come and decorate some tea cakes. The neighbours wither side of me have volunteered as they moved in n lockdown so are keen to get to know more people Bethan and Louis doing tissue flowers and pebble painting to place around the street and flowers to deliver to neighbours who can't get out and about. And then we have Kate from the Lodges craft sessions involved to make some wool balls, the halll offered us the space so kindly and have been great in assisting me with printing the fliers when my ink ran out. All of my friends have volunteered with Lizzy my cousin doing teas Mike and Deavon taking turns on the door so we dont have any runaway kids, and Millie and Verity hosting the zoom and playing games/prehaps a dance lesson Jane my long standing neighbour who I have through this got to know and she has been assisting introducing me and taking time to come with me to invite and her and her husband are there on the day. Everyone has really been engaged in assisting and wanting to be a part of this event. I am soo happy that I decided to do it and am excited for the day. More to follow from the day :-) 

Posted 29/09/2021 by Lauren Samme

Have now a couple of neighbours who are deciding what to do on their craft tables, am to have a meeting with the local venue Manager and the Manager from the residential home linked to the venue to ask if they would like to engage with us - maybe create paper flowers and deliver them to the residents by attaching them to string for the older residents who may be not be well enough to attend. An idea for people to bring one peice of clothing or sanitary products and one piece of food and organise a drop to the local food drop and the local refugees charity. Also an idea to invite people to bring a cake or biscuits to share. As the facility has a cafe we are going to discuss if the cafe will be open for teas and coffees and drinks or invite the local coffee van. Also I have created a zoom to ensure those who would like to join can access the event. 

Posted 31/08/2021 by Lauren Samme

I have booked the venue and created my volunteer account today and secured the date. 

Bumped into some neighbours who are also up for getting involved. 


Posted 23/08/2021 by Lauren Samme